Voyage à Londres

par Mme Omi

Texte, photos Mme Rouquette, Mme Ursulet et supervisé par M. Charki
A lot of encounters !!!!
1. We left Edmonton Green as if we were real Londoners commuting to work.
We took the Victoria line ...and arrived at the Imperial War Museum.
There we met a stern security officer Yasmine ......Later on Yasmine went out of her way to help us ...she managed to go out and buy what Asta and Noa needed . Actually she proved to be the kindest person ever !
Everybody went on a document challenge ! Some did awesome things : Lou, Chloe, Ahmed, Adama, Ali, ...chose the most moving object for them. Lou drew a beautiful diptych of soldiers’ shadows in the trenches...
2. In the Museum Park we had a delightful time. Alexandre bought an ice-cream. And Paul and Ahmed interviewed some British schoolchildren who were having their picnic too. They asked about their favourite soccer teams.
3. Then we took the bus.....and we were almost on our own : there were very few persons apart from us. We crossed some of the poshest parts of London and the boys kept pointing to either a jaguar or a ferrari ...
Mister Charki started talking to a fellow passenger and he learnt that the Chelsea Flower Show was about to begin !!!!
4. An old lady asked Mrs Ursulet about us all and Jalal very obligingly translated their conversation ! He told her where we came from and what we were doing in London.
5. Later on, while crossing Hyde Park we saw lots of ducks and ducklings on the shores of the Serpentine.
6. After that we went shopping in Oxford Street ! All of us were all of a sudden much less tired !
7. All our families were very kind. But one host family seemed to be the coolest : it was Brandon’s ! Brandon is a twenty-year old rapper and he was an amazing host ! First of all he picked our kids in a beautiful car ; then he let the boys choose their meal ; he also played video games with them, and he listened and played music with them !